• Esperanza, Large Original Painting by Mad Honey Studio


    Mindfulness collection. 36" x 48" x 1.5”. Acrylic on raised wooden panel by Wendy Pabich. Intentionally choosing inherently coarse materials and approaches to painting allows me to better dispense with the rigors of technique in favor of creative impulses. For this particular piece, I set myself up to paint on a rather large surface, cranked some music, and began layering heaps of color onto the surface using nothing more than my hands and fingers. The size of the work and the direct connection between my hands and the work, allowed me to quickly deepen into a full-body dance—performing yog...

  • Deer Medicine

    Deer Medicine

    30" x 30" x 1.5”. Acrylic on raised wood panel by Wendy Pabich.  The deer offers the lessons of unconditional love and kindness; her rose headdress is a nod to Frida Kahlo’s iconic style. Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience, while, among other meanings, the rose symbolizes beauty and balance.