"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." ~Zen Shin

A New Year is upon us, bringing an opportunity to reflect on the path behind us and dream of what lies ahead. I'd like to share my personal list for tapping into my inner knowing, listening to my heart, and embracing beauty in the people, places, creatures, and opportunities all around me during this New Year:

1. Push your boundaries.
2. Trust yourself.
3. Go naked.
4. Dance in the rain.
5. Spill your guts.
6. Love often and deeply.
7. Declare your love.
8. Dance with your fears.
9. Embrace the messiness.
10. Soak in the joys.
11. Sit with the tears.
12. Open your heart.
13. Unearth and live your truth.
14. Embody your sensuality.
15. Run in the hills.
16. Breathe.
17. Be mindful and present.
18. Sweat.
19. Let the music pour out.
20. Don’t wait to be picked.
21. Call yourself an artist, a musician, a lover.
22. Find your magic.
23. Ask for help.
24. Embrace your imperfections.
25. Be your sparkly, shiny self.


What are your heart-centered dreams for this year? XO
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